Priceless Experiences

Right now, in no particular order, yet.

-Looking my wife-to-be in the eye and saying, “I do”

-Birth of my son

-Watching sunrises and sunsets on Guam

-The smell of the San Francisco air

-Drinking water from the tap in Wisconsin (Madison, WI)

-Watching my son sleep

-A hot cup of Seattle joe during winter

-A slice of New York pizza (actually there is a price for this)

-Seeing a homeless man cry b/c you just gave him ‘a lot’ of money.

-Dunking a basketball. j/k. Never did.

-Not owning anything.  I was free.

-Sharing in the pains of the One.

-If you understand, being counted worthy to suffer, and the quizzically paradoxian, immense, over-whelmingly lovely, unfathomable, ethereal experience of knowing the ONE TRUE GOD, the Father of the LORD Jesus, Our Father-Creator-GOD.

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  1. i totally get it!!

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