GOD life

When I was growing up, I was not very aware of GOD. I knew that He was a really powerful invisible dude. But beyond that, I lived, played, and studied with little regard for him. I say that innocently. My parents were my moral guides, they provided, they taught and modeled, and they were my joy and fun. My parents were my everything.

Are there people that are born with their third eyes open? Are there kids that see Angels, spirits, and have that sixth sense? Yes. Did I? No, not really. But after my car accident, GOD came to me and now after 10 years I can say I know GOD very well.

It was my experience that with out GOD in your life, it is not good. When I came to faith, my eyes were opened. I came alive. Things were different. Everything had a different glow, colors were brighter, and even smells were more vibrant? GOD gave me more understanding and wisdom. He healed my body. He took more of a guiding role and brought people, things, and situations into my life to grow me and help me. And I was aware of it.

But, most of all, when I spent time with GOD. When I spent time in His Presence, talking with Him/Her, and devoting my life to Him, all my other relationships just became easier and better. So, it is a very good return on investment to FIRST spend time on your GOD realationship.

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