Others life

The term other really means outsiders. Usually in everyday business, the outsider bears the brunt and load of the enterprise. They pay and they don’t know and they are kept out of the circles.

We don’t do things like that. In ministry, as the Temple of the LORD, we have inner circles and the outer court. In the outer court, that is where the real work is and the cost is. Usually, the middle class or middle court does the hard work and creates the monetary support. But, the outer court or lower classes they are the ones that really need to be reached. That’s why Jesus came as a poor person.

The outer or others are those who need help. We need to teach them, protect them, heal them, wash them, teach them more, really help them (material type things), pray for them, etc. They are not kept out of the inner circles, but have to work their way through them. When they are ready for the next level, you’ll know. Jesus will make it evident to all.

This is not easy work. This is not working on yourself mainly anymore. This is very hard and actually has spiritual consequences. It is very good for you. You score points, big points in heaven for this work. But you will be under spiritual ‘attack’. You will suffer with those you help. You will even really be attacked out of the blue by something. So, when you start to help others, do it slowly. Bite sized. Take baby steps. And learn how people are. That way you can really pray, “Jesus, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

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