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I have wavered on this for a long time. I have had a ‘support us’ page up for a few minutes, then I’d take it down. I did this many times.

But reality is we all have bills to pay. Although this is not a 501(c) 3 organization, so you will not get a tax break and I am not an ordained minister, I still ask for your support when you can and only if you have thought about it very, very carefully. When I was really rolling in it (really), I gave away large sums of money to the horror, yes, horror of my wife.

It is my experience so far, that GOD returns money and covers our mistakes. But He really wants us to learn from our mistakes, so often it is a slow process where you have to think about it. My intention was that GOD is glorified, but we always have to think about our families first.

That said,

My ministry is this writing ministry. My first book is coming, and if you believe in me, please support my efforts. I also have a ministry to the poor, homeless, neighbor, women, Asian, Chinese, LGBT, Business people, pastors, and it seems the list is growing. I also minister heavily to my immediate and extended family, b/c I believe that you have to have a strong base or foundation before you can step into more serious ministries. You will also find me on the streets of Los Angeles preaching the Word, in and out of season. I have thought of going to seminary, but can’t just right now. There are also many worthy of support and everyone seems to forget the Brethren and Sistren.

I’ve come to place in my life, where I realized what GOD has for me to do. Es muy deficil, porque I realized that I am not allowed to work, *ask help from people I know*, or beg. I’m a reluctant priest, and a shut-in, an educator to show you how to connect to GOD directly, and learning to be a natural whole body healer,

Anyone who ministers to me with support, I pledge to keep in my prayers. Any amount would be appreciated, even a penny. Your giving would not be a purchase, in my eyes, but a cooperation in the Kingdom work and an exchange that I hope can lead to ‘realer’ relationship,

I must add, that the New Way, the Way of Christ, if I may say that, is that work is not work at all. We do what we do, spontaneously. We don’t see this fully realized. Another way of doing things in the Way, is service and gifts are that, it is a gift economy. The things I do for you, I do because I love you, and it is all a gift. So the things you do for me are also a gift. It is not a purchase. You can say no anytime, and I am also free to choose to say no,

Thank you, LOVE, PEACE, and JUSTICE for all,

thanks again,

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