The Lin Family – Spiritual Heritage

I’d like to ‘boast in the LORD’, as Brother and Saint, Paul coined. May this encourage my family members on my mom’s side – the Lins. All us Lins know about how GREAT our great-grandpa was. Perhaps it is worth looking into. How did he acquire such wealth? Besides the point, what I’m most proud of is that we come from a long line of followers. I don’t recall when but according to my mom our ancestors were among the first to believe or convert to Christianity and so were run out of the village because of their faith. That’s radical!

My Neighbor’s Breadfruit Tree

In the neighbor’s yard, there is a HUGE breadfruit tree; growing up to the sky.  Right now, in the scorching heat, it is still bearing fruit like a champ.  All the trees in my parents’ garden are not, it’s too dry and hot.  At my other property, same story.  Along the road, when I look, yup, same story.  This tree is special.  It’s a king of trees.  Yet, no one appreciates it.

First of all, what’s a breadfruit?  It’s roundish, green, has a hide with ‘cells’ on it.  I’m told it eats like taro, but has a distinct taste, and needs to be cooked out a while.  But when I see this amazing tree with all the fruit on it, that could feed a village – it just seems an injustice is happening.

Recently, I blogged on diet.  In the olden times, Chamorros, the native people of Guam ate these fruits as a staple.  Now, we all eat rice on Guam.  All I’m saying is, if that was my tree, I’d eat one breadfruit a meal (3 a day).  I wouldn’t have to buy.  It’s right there, provided for me.  Maybe I’m getting old, so my sensibilities are changing, but that’s my outlook.

Guam, USA?

I’ve often gotten angry, yes angry because I couldn’t buy something over the internet and get it shipped to Guam.  Actually that’s not entirely accurate.  If a company considers Guam a part of the US, as it currently is, then it ships.  But if a company considers it a country, then no go.

Have I been selfish?  Don’t answer that.  Have I been missing the bigger picture?  And have I been only considering the viewpoint of my selfish inner consumer?  The Guamanian people are an amazing people with incredible talents, values, and so much to offer the world at large.  They are a growing people group, but unfortunately the economics of the island forces many of them to move Stateside.

There was a push in the past for a Commonwealth Status for the island.  Why not shoot for Guam, the Country?  A country of your own, Guam?  Of course the economics would still have to be addressed.  But in my heart of hearts I believe that every people group has GOD given territory.  That brings me to my last point.  How bout me?  When are the Chen’s of Guam going to return to Taiwan and eventually China?

What to Expect from Guam?


You’re in the military, or coming here for some other work-related reason from the United States?  Yes?

You will either love it or hate it.

It looks different/nice: All the palm and coconut trees.  This black algae gets on all the building making it look dirty.  No tall buildings.  No highways.  35 mph speed limit everywhere.  We have power, water, cable, phones, internet.  But it’s pretty dark at night; no street lights.  The buildings are all concrete boxes.  Same types of cars.  Most of the people are brown or yellow.  But no one will look at you strangely if you are Caucasian, African-American, or Hispanic.  Guam is a truly diversified place tolerant of racial differences. (more…)

Best Restaurants on Guam


This post will be biased towards foods I like to eat, so I’m sorry if there isn’t a meeting of the minds on this one:

I’d like to say that there is plenty of opportunity to open restaurants on Guam.  There is a growing group of people with more sophisticated tastes on Guam.  People wanting more than the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean restaurants.  Where is the Cajun restaurant?  Or East African?  Mediterranean food?  Will someone please open restaurants in Dededo or Yigo?  (more…)

I’m Lovin’ Guam…Now


I grew up on Guam.

Not born on Guam, but definitely Guamanian…local (can I say that? :)).

When I was a teenager, young adult, I wanted to live in the States or the mainland United States.  I did.  I stayed in Wisconsin til I was about 26, then I moved to California.  Well, I moved back to Guam in 2001.  I was still single then, and I often wanted to go back to the States.

Now that I’m married with a kid.  My perspective has changed quite a bit.  It’s one I just did not understand when I was young.  I’m not looking for someone anymore, so I don’t really care to live in a big city. (more…)