Family Life – I like you the way you are…

In the stillness of the night…it’s almost 3am,

I see my baby boy’s toys strewn across the floor.  Behind me is my wife’s desk, a mess…like spaghetti.

During the day, I’ve looked at these things and lamented.  I’m by nature an organized and neat person.  My wife and baby boy are organized mess people.  They usually can’t find what they need right away, but eventually do.  I’m not saying my way is really significantly better.  But I like things the way ‘I’ like them.  I didn’t say anything today.  But sometimes I do.  And it makes my wife feel bad.  I really shouldn’t do such things.

Well, in such moments as these,  a little voice inside me says that I should appreciate my wife and son, just..the..way..they..are.

One day, I’ll miss those toys all over the floor.

‘Savor these moments.  Don’t get angry over them.’


If I get mad at baby about this, soon, I’ll just feel bad about that.  Regret will set in.

Maybe I’m just too neurotic about neatness.  Maybe GOD put my wife and I together to cure this ill of mine.  I should just take my medicine like a good boy.

Anyways, can’t being too organized be a time killer too?  With all we have to do, instead of organizing…can’t we be having more fun?  Yes!


Well wife and son, this is the real me, saying “I like you both the way you are.”

‘Don’t change on account of me.’

‘Don’t let me change you.’

‘Be yourself.’

‘Be happy with who you are.’

‘I’m sorry if I make you feel bad.’

‘I’m not always right.’


‘I love you both.’

‘Good nite!’






Say Yes to Your Wife

To all the young, unmarried ones out there.  Might I pass some of my experience to you?

In the beginning of our marriage, my wife and I were two individuals who got married mostly for selfish reasons.  But, as the LORD would have it, we had a baby almost right away.  And so, we blessed each other greatly, and our love for each other grew.  There were times when I could see, that my son, only wanted my wife to comfort him.  I could see that my wife was so important to the family; necessary.  And so my respect and love for her grew more.  It’s only been two years, and we still have our share of fights, but we’re very happy.  A big part of it was learning how to love and respect each other.  Also, learning who this other person is, and celebrating their gifts but also learning how to get along despite differences and shortcomings.

Now, comes the saying ‘yes’ part.  I get selfish and lazy too.  After working hard all day, and helping others.  Quite often, I’ll shut off when I go home and fail to serve my wife.  That just doesn’t make sense.  I used to not want to help around the house, do things she asked, or just spend time talking with her.  Why not?  After all, she and I (and GOD) make up the main part of the family.  When the communication and caring break down, the family unit will break down.  I’ve learned to always say ‘yes’ to what my wife says.  Not because I’m whipped.  Sometimes I’ll say ‘no’, but then change my mind and say ‘yes’.  I say ‘yes’, because it shows that I care about what she thinks.  It also shows that I care about her needs.  Sometimes, my wife will ask for too much.  But I say ‘yes’ anyways, because, quite often, she thinks about it and changes her mind.  So, I don’t have to be a bad guy.  I just agree, and always say ‘yes’.  After all, she said ‘yes’ or ‘I do’ to me…and it changed my life!  So much better now!  I pray the LORD keep us together always, and happily together!