Verse Memorization

Ten Commandments
1. No gods before GOD,
2. Don’t make idols and bow down before them,
3. Take not my Name in vain,
4. Keep the Sabbath,
5. Honor your parents,
6. No murder,
7. No adultery,
8. No stealing,
9. No false witness,
10. No coveting,

2 Commandments
1. Love GOD with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength,
2. Love your Neighbor as yourself,

1. Patient,
2. Kind,
3. not envious (of others’ success),
4. not boastful,
5. not proud,
6. does not dishonor,
7. not self-seeking,
8. not easily angered,
9. Keep no records of wrongs,
10. Loves the truth,
11. Always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres,
12. Love never fails,

-for Brother Jeff

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